A Puzzling Place
January, 2008
A friend of mine has been compiling crosswords for The Observer for quite a long time now.......
He is known as Everyman, and extremely well respected in the crossword community.
He doesn’t do proper crosswords, of course, like the ones I enjoy over Sunday breakfast — Capital of France (5 letters).
No, he does things like ‘Fire escape’ (3,3).
And I have absolutely no idea what the answer might be. The really frustrating thing, though, is that he has the patience to sit down over coffee and explain the process behind the clue and the answer. And I STILL don’t know how he got there!
Everyman Crosswords
But his crosswords are so popular that a book of them was published earlier this year. So, if you like that sort of thing, it’s an extremely reasonable price on Amazon, and available from all good booksellers, as they say.

The book is
EVERYMAN Crosswords: 100 Crosswords from The Observer. ISBN 978-0-550-10299-7