Another Sound
January, 2008
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Just before New Year, I mentioned a vaguely-remembered statue by Antony Gormley that stood in the crypt of Winchester Cathedral. At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but thought it might have been the inspiration for the wonderful Another Place on the Liverpool/Lancashire coast.
Deciding to delve further, I checked out the website for Winchester City Council, to find that they list 20 Things You May Not Know About Winchester. Number one is, of course, the cathedral, but only as the resting place of St. Swithun, whom, I assume, we must blame for all the rain at the moment. It goes on to mention Jane Austen, the college (allegedly the oldest continuously running school in the country), King Arthur, and even the Royal Greenjackets Museum. But no Antony Gormley.

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So I found some photos of Sound II, the name of his work in the said crypt, on Flickr, and also the fascinating fact that it’s only partially in water during the winter. So, I guess it really may have been the inspiration for Another Place. Or is it a subsequent work? I don’t really know.
Presumably, the picture left was taken in bright photolights, but the one above is how I have always thought of it.