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Welcome to Perfectshadow’s Website.
This site started as just a blog at the end of 2007. I tried to add to it regularly. But you know how it is; life happens, and it lay uncared-for for a year.
Now that I should, in theory, have a little more time, I am taking up the pen again, and hope to resurrect it, transform it into much more than it was, in the anticipation that its whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.
So I hope you may take the time to look around, and explore the navigation bar above. There might not be much here at the moment, but I hope you will take the trouble to re-visit again soon, and that you’ll find some updates that are worth taking time over. At least, I hope so.
And if you’d like to get in touch, just click on the Contact Me button at the foot of the page. You can also follow me on Twitter (@perfectshadow).
Thanks for your time.